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Saab 9000 Aero 1995

Problem; Clutch pedal does not return freely.

Recently replaced:

• Slave Cylinder
• Master Cylinder
• Clutch
• Release bearing
• Clutch line
• Gear shifter seal
• Gear shifter pin
• Pedal spring was greased

Work was done by knowledgeable and experienced Saab indie shop.

The problem is intermittent. I will start off in the morning and pedal has free and easy up and down movement. It may work fine all day. Other days it will begin to return slowly: especially at bottom end.

When it starts to act up, if I push it right to the floor it will stick there for a moment before popping up. I can kind of get around the problem by depressing the pedal just enough to be able to change the gear. If go past that point there is definitely a small lag on the return. Other times a big lag (sluggish return). It was worse before replacing the master cylinder but problem still there and intermittent.

All other aspects of the clutch system seem to be working fine.

Have had some resistance from my mechanic on dealing with this problem?!?

I will be dropping the car there next week so he can look at it.

Any insight is very much appreciated.

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Change the small braided line that goes from the fluid reservoir, down to the clutch master cylinder on your clutch pedal.

They'll dry out, crack, suck air, and eventually give you a 'soft pedal' condition. You'll bleed it out, it'll be fine for a day then come back.

Its low-pressure, but make sure the line you get is spec'd for brake fluid.
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