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Cleaning out my basement

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Ng900 axle seals trans blew before I even made out of the driveway so zero miles - 10$

Jet tronic ecu 0 280 000 570 pulled from a 89 spg in a junkyard not sure if it works - 15$

Jet tronic ecu from my 89 convertible same code. It says "bad ground to fuel relay" on top in sharpie but the unit it self worked - 20$

89 APC code 7566599 got this one from granite embedded he reffered to it as a "trans killer" - 20$

89 APC same code, I got this one from the same junked 89 spg, says "hot box" on it. Not sure if it works or not - 15$

89 APC same code, this was the original one in the vert and seemed to work fine - 20$

c900 AMM this one came out of granite embedded's last c900 and worked fine

9k aero black fender arch - free

c900 dizzy, got this one from miked who claimed it worked when he pulled it

c900 dizzy; this also came from granite embedded's c900 and worked fine

Dizzy cap; all contact points are clean and there appears to be little use

Local pick up only.
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ahah i kinda want that aero fender arch cause mines all twisted but i already have a replacement(red one), and i really just need to get my stuff painted. I also don't feel like coming all the way back up there again just for that :)

Bump, make an offer
Any idea what's been done to the GraniteEmbedded box?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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