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Cleaned my car. Took pictures.

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Sorry, no good pictures... the weather had turned "meh" by the time I was done...

So my car had started looking pretty shitty again. The paint was losing its shine, swirls/scratches were becoming prevalent, it was all getting hazy... you know. Just looked bad walking up to it in the sun...

So today I took it to work and spent some quality buffer time...


Repainted fender standing right out...

A during (I got some color back in the spoiler, at least... looks less like shit :lol:


I'm pleased with the results, gotta get that black trim in order though.
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wooooow that loooks really goood lots of o's
Nice work! That does not look it's age, that's for sure.

Have you considered painting the top of the spoiler with trim paint?
Looks great man! :)
Looks good - those Red Aero's are stunning cars when detailed!
I love red 9000s, sexy car! Good job on removing the swirls. What compound did you use, and was it hand or machine buffed?
Is that Carbrite Compound? If so, you will definately want to follow it up with a finer polish to remove any haze that the compound might have left over. It is amazing though how well single stage red responds to a bit of TLC, great job Stig!

Palmer, I have considered rattlebombing the spoiler. We'll see.

Christian, I don't actually know what that one is called... but I do know it's the most aggressive compound we have. I only used it on the spoiler and a few trouble spots (like the ghosting from the debadge, which is still pretty visible :( )

Used a medium compound with a wool pad, then polishing pad on the whole car followed up by a swirl remover on a finishing pad. Don't know the brand or anything, they're all in pretty much unmarked bottles and I haven't stumbled upon the source yet...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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