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Clean T5 cams $20 spec stage 2+

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I have a set of good t5 cams out of my 1994 aero $20 plus $10 for shipping takes them home. I do have paypal. Also I have a spec stage 2 plus clutch for sale it has about 5,000 miles on it and works great with my holset. reason for selling is because I wrecked the car. :( Thanks Hunter
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i missed out on someone eles selling them I WANT THEM! i just got paypal! please let me know
Which Holset turbo? How much HP? how WELL did the clutch hold?

price on the clutch! interested if its good for 500+hp
cams sold...

The clutch is good for 500+hp I ran a hx35/40 never got the car on the dyno. spec rates it at 450lbs of torque, which is about max for any saab. The clutch did great against my hoosier racing slicks. For new is 650 so I think 400 is fair.
cams are sold.
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