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Chunks of...something in Turbo Coolant Banjos?

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So during my epic overhaul of my suspension I figured I would drop the Subframe and clean out the oil know. Since I was there...well, during that process I snapped a turbo=>downpipe stud, and since it obviously decided to be a stubborn pita and require drilling out, I decided to pull the turbo.

When I pulled the coolant lines I discovered chunks of...something jammed in a couple of the banjo bolts...looks like aluminum to me. The oil pan was pretty much spotless when I pulled it, some very small flakes, no sludge. I've got pics of the bottom end if anyone wants a look. Car is about 100k. Can anyone give me some insight here? Should I be freaked out? Any ideas what/where this crap came from?

Subquestion: I know very little about rebuilding turbos, but I do have a small bit of shaft play side to side, nothing in and out. I would estimate maybe half a millimeter? Does this justify a rebuild while I have it out? It's the stock T25...I'm pissed I had to pull it in the first place and really wish I could find a TD04 to slap in there instead as planned for later, but I have no idea what would be involved in that process...
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Since it's in your coolant banjo bolts, maybe it's corroded material from somewhere else in your coolant system. I've heard of bits and pieces of shrapnel coming off of heater cores, rads, other pipes, etc. How did the rest of the coolant look when it drained out?

You could always send the turbo to Chadwick to have it rebuilt to a big t28.
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