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For those of you that have CEL's I thought it might be helpful to list some of the codes for troubleshooting.. Generally the CEL will flash in a coded sequence to help diagnose what problems you are having on the car if applicable.

Use the following to help diagnose a potential problem..

1) Warm the engine up a few minutes
2) Turn key to the off position and wait a few seconds
3) Turn the key to the ON position without starting the engine

4) The CEL will start to indicate 3 long flashes pause, then another 3 long flashes..(indicating your about to see the flash code)

5) Count the number of short flashes you see for the code (if you have more than one malfunction you'll see another series of flashes after about 2 seconds)

6) 3 long flashes will indicate the end of the codes

This sequence will continue until the key is turned off.., or the car is started.

These are the codes to help diagnose the problem..

Flash Code
2 Map sensor
3 Inlet air temp sensor
4 Coolant temp sensor
5 Throttle Position sensor
6 Lambda sensor
7 Adaptation fault
8 Evap loss system purge valve
9 Electronic control unit fault

courtesy of Haynes Service and Repair

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Vincent you are absolutely correct.., this is for the turbo types...

started to post a similar one for the N/A someplace else..., but you beat me to it..with a link to another site...another site. :? .. :eek: :shock:

another site, hey that doesn't seem fair least mines came from the Haynes book. :lol:
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