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in my 9-3 from 2004 the check engine goes on about week after i put gas. after check at the local autozone, and its always the same loose gas cap. i check the gas cap(one time was loose, but others not) and then about week after the check engine light is off. this start to happening about 5 monts ago when i move to apartment and the car is parked at the street.for the past 3.5 years before move i had a garage and the check engine not even once was on. i know that the gas cap is pice of garbage and somtimes to tighten properly take some time but i just have no clue WTF???
the saab does not want to be parked on the street!!! i absolutlely understand but at this time garage is out of the reach for me.sorry SAAB.maybe in the future.
anybody any ideas??????????????????? help!!!
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