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Changing your oil

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Some people might laugh at an oil changing tutorial, but not all people are mechanically inclined. I am sure not all SAAB owners change their oil. For those that want to but never did it, here is a step by step tutorial:
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This only goes for 900's and 9-3s if you drive a 9k, the damn sub frame is in the way so you cant stick a tool right up in it ! My filter socket is still on my filter! i been driving around with it on for a week! lmao! But i got the oil change done.. Good link!
My favorite tool for removing stuck on oil filters...pipe wrench baby!!!! or the screwdriver straight through and turn...

The biggest question has anyone ever changed the oil filter on a c900 without spilling the contents onto the subframe? I believe they designed it this way for rust proofing...

Might want to add things about the oil filter gasket (and making sure it isn't stuck to the housing!!!). There are some epic stories of people loosing their oil within 50 feet. Then put generous amounts of oil on the new gasket material! An oil filter should never require a wrench (unless you haven't changed it in 2-3 years, my work truck had this issue). Also probably put a notice that you should check for leaks (missing crush washer, cracked oil pan, etc...).
Here's a tip for c900 owners: Invest in a box of Glad 1-gallon ziploc freezer bags. Put the bag under and around the filter. When cracking it loose, the bag catches both the oil and the filter, limiting any spillage.

Here's another warning/tip. I've tried the driving the screwdriver through the filter trick once. And when cranking it off, it winds up ripping the bottom of the filter right off like a can-opener leaving the base still firmly stuck on the engine. I don't recommend doing that. Invest in a Sears/Craftsman oil filter wrench (I have the "filter squeeze pliers" in that link). It will be your friend.
Yeah, I firmly believe in having the right tool for the job and I bought the right size filter socket after the above was done. But even though I now have it, when I changed the oil yesterday I was able to spin the filter off by hand.
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