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So, i had a shop get this code "P0445- Evap System Purge Control Valve circuit shorted." Is this something i could test/remedy myself? r better left to a pro? I need to get a NYSI SOON, so i can drive this car for winter! Any help with locating and diagnosing this problem on my '99 9-3 SE?

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Replace the purge valve "ELCD" valve. Its close to the air filter housing. Also replace the short 8mm hose on the back of the throttle. You can find the ELCD valve by following that 8mm hose on the back of the throttle on up to the valve. If you can blow through it, Its BAD. Its a normaly "Closed Valve" you can't blow throgh a new one. Pre 96 valves are "Normally open" You can blow through those.

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DTC P0445 - EVAP Purge Control Circuit Fault

Features of the Circuit

The evaporative emission (EVAP) system comprises the following components:

Fuel tank.
EVAP vent solenoid.
Fuel pipes and hoses.
Fuel vapor lines.
Fuel cap.
EVAP canister.
Purge lines.
EVAP canister purge valve.
EVAP service port.

Further Details:

The evaporative emission system is probed by applying vacuum to the EVAP system and monitoring for a vacuum decay.

The engine control module (ECM) monitors the vacuum level through the fuel tank pressure sensor signal.

The EVAP canister purge valve and the EVAP vent solenoid are turned on at the nick of time, allowing the engine to suck up a small vacuum on the entire EVAP system.

After the requisite vacuum level has been obtained, the EVAP canister purge valve is switched OFF, locking the system entirely.

If sufficient vacuum level cannot be derived, a large leak is indicated. This can be caused by the following conditions :

a) Absent or tampered fuel cap.

b) De-linked or faulty fuel tank pressure sensor.

c) De-linked, damaged, pinched, or blocked EVAP purge line.

d) De-linked or erroneous EVAP canister purge valve.

e) De-linked or incorrect EVAP vent solenoid.

f) Open ignition feed circuit to the EVAP vent or purge solenoid.

g) Tampered EVAP canister.

h) Leaking fuel sensor assembly O-ring.

i) Leaking fuel tank or fuel filler beck.

Any of the above conditions can start DTC P0445.
MORE CAN BE SEEN HERE - Diagnostic Trouble CodeDTC P0445 - EVAP Purge Control Circuit Fault
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