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CEL... Car is bogging when Boosting

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Hey guys, so i have a check engine light and i went to autozone to check it out and the guy said it's an o2 sensor, but when my dad checked it out he said it's the direct ignition. I was driving today and i decided to floor it all of a Sudden the car just chokes and Boggs like it's running like a 3 cylinder. This after swapping it with a brand new direct ignition. So im confused my dad told me not to drive it. I was debating on switch the direct ignition tonight with the old
one. What do u guys think it is. ?
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Get the code, and tell us what it is.
Get the code, and tell us what it is.
Second that.

what are you boosting to when that happens?
14psi, Aikmanson you must be right because i boosted again it it was fine the next 2 runs. Still kinda paranoid though.
how did this turn out anyways?
Change your spark plugs.
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