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Cars and Coffee: Take 2

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I had not been out to the Irvine Cars & Coffee for a couple months so I figured I would go and see if anything new was going on. I met up with Jeff (JK88 ) after giving him very short notice and we walked around with my dad wandering off as well. The cars were nothing short of stunning, but the really amazing part is the variety that show up. I have to say I was proud that we were the only two Saabs parked in the show lot, right next to Aston Martins, Porsches, Ferraris, and a whole lot of classic muscle cars.

Anyway, here are some pictures that I took as well as a short video of something I always wanted to do; drive out of the C&C show lot parking haha.

The only other Swede in the show lot:

A Rolls Royce interior with one of the coolest steering wheels I have seen.

I actually kind of liked this color, definately interesting to say the least.

One of the many pristine Alpina 6 series:

Lord almighty, I cannot believe a Nissan 300zx was wasted to create this.

This Ultima Can-Am was so hot:

A beautiful Jag E type:

Which is a vintage Jag after all judging from the gallon of coolant underneath.

This one is for Delorean:

F1 style steering wheel with the shift buttons for the sequential trans.

For Andy, this car was fully built and track spec.

Here is the video of our exit:

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That Lotus Esprit is PERFECT.

That Alpina 6 series you mention, looks to be pre 6 series, and probably a 3.5 or 3.0 CSI.
Here is the video of our exit:

Damn we sound good! :)

Great shots Christian.

Side note, looks like I have a short in the left tail light again...
You are probably right Jameson, there were a bunch of Alpina 6 series there but there were a bunch of the CSI as well, some for sale since Jeff was eyeing a few. The Socal Porsche Owner's Club was in full force with about 40 cars from 356 Speedsters to a CGT which just makes me want a 964/993 that much more.

I couldn't figure out what you were talking about with the tail light until I watched it again and saw that the main brake light was signaling and then spontaneously went back to the regular turn signal indicator haha. It is pretty cool how similar they sound in many ways, especially because we have almost identical exhaust setups; Magnaflow cat => Magnaflow flow through sport muffler.
The STI looks way out of place next to the exotic car. I'd take that green car over anything with a different color on it. It just stands out heads and shoulders above anything else.

Love the classic cars showcased.

Fantastic that you were the only two with Saabs there. Have to admit, I love that older look a bit more than anything newer than the the last year they produced them. An SPG Vert in Black on Black, rear tails red/clear, more aggressive rims, etc. would do it for me. Would make a nice mean looking car mixing that beautiful classic style with some sporty tailored stuff to keep it looking up to the task in today's world;).
Schwing! Omg that is hawt. This is what I must have 1 day.

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