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Carlsson kit for quick sale-$400 NYC area (will deliver or meet if needed)

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Usual story...blah blah blah...bills....Jeep needs work....I need my Carlsson kit gone. I'm willing to let it go for $400. I am also willing to throw the stuff in my Jeep and bring it to your door if you're within 2 1/2 hours of Yonkers, or I can meet you somewhere neutral. I need the space and the cash, so I'm willing to work with you. I'll extend this offer to friends of TSL members, so if you know somebody with a first generation 9000 5 door who may be interested, please let them know!

The kit includes side skirts, wheel arches, rear spoiler, rear bumper cover, and front bumper that is already mounted to a crash bar. There is a 3rd brake light, but its still with the previous owner of the kit. With the exception of the side skirts (which are black) the kit is in primer, but since it was on a car, the kit could use sanding and re-priming before painting.

Rear spoiler-this is not correctly installed, I put it on the car to see roughly how it would look

Wheel arches

Rear bumper cover

Side Skirts

Front bumper

If interested drop me a PM or email me: [email protected]
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If only I had an older 9000 to put this on...Good deal considering a spoiler alone is worth $200. I will let some friends know this available too.
Damn I wish I had the cash right now I'd come get it!
That's my old kit FYI - bump for a good shape kit in need of paint! (and more prep work....)

If I had an 86 9000 to put it on I'd consider a buy back ;)
Would this work on the second generation 9000, 93-98?
Would this work on the second generation 9000, 93-98?
You would have to "modify" the front bumper (or change you front clip) - maybe front arches - rest should fit as intended...

FYI - Second Generation = 1991-1993

For a 3rd Gen 9000 - NO (I tried...) you would have to change too much to make it worth the efforts...
are you still interested drew? halfway would prob be 5 hours. I dont think shipping would be feasible. Drop me a PM if youre still interested.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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