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My beloved Saab wagon, 2005 9-5 turbo ARC (8th letter VIN is A), 148,000 miles, just got a hole in the engine.

I hate to give the car up b/c #1, I can't afford a new one, and #2, we've put some $ into it keeping it running. e.g., recently replaced struts, tires, etc. It's in really good shape except for the engine (that developed a fire and broke down on the highway last week).

I've found an engine that is in a 2004 Saab and wondering if I can use this?

here's the link, it came from Stoystown Auto (can google it) in...Stoystown, PA.

The engine has 67,000 miles and I can buy it for $1100. (I realize a few more hundred bucks in fluids will be needed.)

Also, I'll have to go pick it up so I hope it fits in my brother's Subaru Outback hatch!

Thanks for any help and advice you can give.
Bonnie in PA
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