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C900 Tubular Exhaust Manifold

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This is a Group Buy for Stainless steel Tubular exhaust manifolds for the C900 T16. We need at least 10 pre-paid orders to get them for $525.00. Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling charges from Denver Colorado to wherever item is being shipped to. This offer expires on February 28th 2011 at 12.00AM MTN time. If we do not get the required 10 pre-paid orders by that time I will refund all money.

To place your order visit my website and click on the ADD TO CART button or just send the money threw pay-pal whichever is easier. I will keep an updated list of the pre-paid orders below. If you have any questions please contact me by email [email protected] or call me at 303-621-4456


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Hopefully this goes better than the last group buy. I already have a header but I'll ask a couple of questions to make this more clear for others.

What alloy are you using? 304? I assume the flanges will be stainless steel also.
What is the size of the primaries? 1.5"?

Maybe you should post a picture of one fitted in a car.

Also people will have to get an aluminum trans side cover with a mini-dipstick since the regular won't clear.
Wow, those look nice. Loving the mandrel bends.
-Made with 304 stainless
-Completely Tig welded
-Flanges are 304 stainless
-Primaries are 1.5"
-Mini Dip stick is required
I do not have any pictures of one on a car but I will try and find one.
Where does one purchase a mini dipstick for the trans? Also, could it be flanged for an external wg?
Any plans to make a 9-5 / T-7 manifold?

Great looking manifold for the C900. Any plans to make a 9-5 / T-7 manifold?
Also saw a rererence to a 2.5L stroker project engine. Any chance you can share engine specs & build on that.
Cheer !
I will probibly do a group buy tubular exhaust manifold for the 9-3, 9-5 and NG900 after this one is done depnding on how it goes.

The stroker project is on hold for now. It needs 3 more GRP custom alluminum rods and gaskets to finish it up. Im planning on using it for full tube chassis drag car I am going to be building soon. I have all the specs writen down somewhere if you have any questons PM me, I would be more than happy to share whatever info I have.
also is it me or does the turbo flange look angled?
yea... looks angled.... illusion?

What a great price though, 12yrs ago when I purchased my header it was about 4x's that!!

Looks nice with so few welds! C900 stuff is not a easy sell though, not many people willing to spend the funds & loosing that C900 exh note isn't worth it to most. You should try to do a log style hearder for less money, I bet more C900 people would buy it.

Looking forward for a 9-3 header :)
also is it me or does the turbo flange look angled?
It is.

The engine has some silly angle to it right? So that flange has to be angled the opposite direction as to allow the turbo to sit flat both horizontally and vertically.

I'd want, but really no need(aka no money).
That sounds steep considering this- I recently bought one of these for my accountants car- 1993-2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L Exhaust Manifold: Automotive

It was actually a very nice piece! I don't understand how they make em for that cheap. It has nice welds, water-jet cut, perfect fitment & an improved design over the original with flex pipes to prevent the typical cracking that occurs. Even included a new manifold gasket and all new hardware! For $89? How? I would have thought that the man-hours just to put it together would have cost more even at china-man rates.

What you guys should do is buy one, send it to china, have them make em for $89 each and re-sell em for $200 a pop.
I understand that there is probably a reason behind the angle, I just don't want it to affect my intake and downpipe setup. The piece itself does look nice though.
The angels of the two flanges are the exact same st the original C900 manifold. The turbo will be in the exact same location and angle as the original.

I have looked into getting them built by a company in Tiwan although hey are very affordable individually they want a very large order all at once and I have to pay up front for it. Coming up with that kind of money up font is very hard for a small upcoming shop like myself.

If people are interested I can change the flanges to from stock t3 flanges to a t2 flange so they can run a TDO4 or other turbo. I can also add an external waste gate flange if requested. If you are interested in any of these options email me and I will adjust the price for you accordingly.
It's a bit of a stretch to directly compare a hand made in the USA, header (for what is becoming a rare car) to something like that Jeep header, isin't it?
That's definitely less than I'd be willing to Tig them by hand from stainless, that's a great price for a hand made part. I'm charging nearly that for my downpipes, and they're much less time consuming than headers, look good to me.

I guess ill start saving my pennies then. If a few more people decide to buy i'll probably be in.
It's a bit of a stretch to directly compare a hand made in the USA, header (for what is becoming a rare car) to something like that Jeep header, isin't it?
I am not saying we are comparing apples to apples here. The fact that they can set up a jig, make 5000 of them, pay the man making them 3 cents an hour, and sell all of the batch inside of a few weeks I'm sure affects the price.

Just sayin. I paid a lot more for my C-900 header too, hand made in USA and a very good job of it was done! I would however not think it unreasonable that the same sort of people who make $89 headers for jeeps in china might be interested in doing a smaller run for more money on C-900 style headers.
It's a bit of a stretch to directly compare a hand made in the USA, header (for what is becoming a rare car) to something like that Jeep header, isin't it?
Who's made in USA now? Is this being made by the OP, or is this just a group buy on a speedparts header, as the pictures would suggest (I thought it said this earlier)? Speedparts Sweden - Headers / T3

Cause those are likely not made in the US, sweden at best, though at that low of a price I would suspect they are not made in sweden.

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