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This car:


I will fix the starting issue it before I sell it.

-76k original miles
-post 87' axle swap
-9000 brakes
-new rear calipers
-re-built front calipers
-yokohama avs100 tires with 4k on them
-new pads/rotors on all 4 corners
-I'm convinced that the 1989/1990 transmission is one of the LAST in the country to be re-built with N.O.S. Saab factory parts. The trans has MAYBE 4000 miles of me double-clutching on it, and only getting on it in 2nd and 4th gears
-needs a clutch. Slips randomly.
-needs a front right wheel bearing ( i have, and will replace)
-D.I.Y. 3" downpipe, to 2.5"/3" exhaust. Sounds wonderful. Made by JK.
-the doors have rust on the bottom
-the rear hatch has a few bubbles
-the hole around the marker lights has a couple of bubbles
-heater knobs are not hooked up, as I only drive it in the summer. Fuck heat, it's for weaklings.
-No louvers
-SPG kit, with later flares. The fit is medocire
-Intrax springs
-missing the pass. door SPG panel. Yeah, it flew off.
-radio works, screen is broken, speakers turn on and off

It's really fast, and has been super reliable until about 3 months ago. I will fix it to the best of my abilities, but it's still an old Saab.

Some spare parts included.

More pictures, and spare parts list in a few days.

Also, $3k is the price. Don't waste my time. No lowballs, no BS. If you don't have $3000, go away.

If it does not sell, I will store it until I feel like fixing it up again.


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I wanted it last time it was for sale, and I still want it.

Paying rent takes preference I guess


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I'm not having fun with it any more.
Store it away for awhile. Somewhere that you'll forget about. Eventually perhaps you'll get your yearning back and you can bring the chariot back out. Are you losing interest in SAAB in general, or just this car? Best of luck either way. Just hope it goes to a good home if you do sell.

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Do want... Very badly. Can't afford. :(

GLWS. Hope it ends up in the right hands. And hey, it has my old airflow vent covers too. ;)

Also, getting on it in 4th isn't always fool proof... That has been the only gear I've ever lost in a c900, and ironically, it was in a 90 trans in my 88 SPG. But I bet that tranny shifts great. I love 90 trannys ;)

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If you sell it will you not be a moderator here anymore?
Palmer is a lot like Jacob on Lost. If he sells this car and leaves, evil takes over, Topher comes back, and the smoke monster prevails, i.e. turbo seals around the world will fail billowing black clouds behind all c900s.


Does this mean Saabs were dead the whole time? :shock:
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