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Bright ass LED reverse lights

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Does anyone have any recommendations for specific bulbs? I have some I but they're super dim and useless.

The concern is really clearance, making sure it can get in the hole. Most of the brighter LEDs I've seen are oversized, despite being the correct base.
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x2. I have some LED reverse lights, they look cool but do nothing for me as they are dim as well.
You're going to have a hard time finding LEDs that can put out more light than a 21 watt incandescent bulb. I have some slightly brighter regular bulbs in my car. They look like an 1156, but are maybe 15-20% brighter. They don't last very long, though. I'll have to look this weekend and see what the number is. They also make halogen bulbs that fit an 1156 socket, but they run so hot that there's a risk that you'd burn the plastic lenses.
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