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93 Saab 9000T CSE 2.3L

I'm still having the TCS/ANTI LOCK light on.
At first, 2-3 weeks ago the mechanic found the code "Main Relay". So I changed the relay and got 2 more new relays, the problem went away for couple days.

....Now the lights are back on.

Before I turn the car on, I tested the brakes. I pumped the brakes 10 times and hold it and turned the car on, the pedal didnt go back, it just made one ticking. Is the brake pump bad?

I tested the samething on a 09' Toyota Matrix, the brake pedal went backwards. So it shouldve done the samething on the 9000.

Sometimes, when I come to a stop sign, the pedal would tick, and the lights would come on. Does the ABS/TCS module think the wheels are spinning?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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