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Brake Light Problem

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Just bought a 94 CSE 5-Speed. The most annoying problem that it currently has is that when the headlights or parking lights are on, the brake lights remain illuminated. I've never seen this and this is my 4th 9000 now.

Could this be a grounding problem anywhere? Some of the threads I read while searching for this seem to end up being a lot of grounding/wrong bulb issues.

Has anyone seen this before? If there is a thread about this, a link would be helpful, I couldn't seem to find anything exactly like this when I searched.
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My Saab tech buddy walked in right after I posted that, turns out the problem is a bad tail light circuit board on the passenger side..
i have a circuit board, ill check what side it is...lemme know if you want it.
I've got two parts cars in the back yard, but thanks anyway :D

Btw, full parts cars 2 900's and 1 1/2 9000's if anybody wants anything.
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