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Boss/Friend made my day today........

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Prior to my Saab's, I was always a V8 guy, as is my boss..... He's been giving me shit for well over a year about my "rice steamer"... But we're friends, we ride together (motorcycles), all over.... I had a 2002 SS Camaro when we's gone, and he's been seeing what I've been doing over the past year or so to my car, he's heard the #'s she put down... still gives me hell, "do you know what kind of car you could have for as much money you throw at that 4 banger?!...." etc, etc.. blah, blah, blah.... But today, our schedules finally lined up and we went for a heavily spirited drive over lunch. Top down, we hit the entrance ramp to "the track" and shot to 135mph with a quickness (as he looked at the speedo in shock) before I slowed down to a more reasonable track speed of about 80mph for respect of the other racers, next exit off the track was a nice long curve onto yet another deserted track, hit second and roasted until 3rd, roasted tires halfway through 3rd until about 115..... and there were a couple other short bursts of respect demanding force along the way, but that was pretty much enough for him to finally have some respect for ole'******..... Anyway, just made me happy.... Sometimes you've just got to force a little respect out of people.......... I'm glad the transmission held together! Because that would have totally reversed the feelings.........:rolleyes: Have a good 4th of July weekend!
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