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boost gauge issue

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So I installed a boost gauge on my aero about a month or 2 ago, it was working fine, and then there were several issues that began to happen. First were the typical buzzing between shifts on the boost level. Then one day the boost levels refused to go over 0 psi. And now (sometimes) the gauge will spike at around 5 psi for 1 second and then go back down to 0 psi. I was beginning to think it was a faulty gauge, and then I check under the hood and noticed my vacuum line was flattening out in the mid section near the t-connector (pic). I also have 2 vid links showing boost during a 1-2 shift and a 3-4 shift. Any ideas or suggestions on the correction of this boost issue?

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*Updated* I re-ran the vacuum line with a much more quality tube, and I now have accurate readings again! And a really scratched up hand (from running that goddamned line threw the firewall).
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