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Blinker trouble

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I was putting my blinkers back in the other day and my passenger side front blinker is blinking but dimly. I checked and it is only getting 6 volts to the positive side of the connector before the bulb socket. I checked the ground and it would ground out a full 12 volts. I just let it be for now. Anybody have any ideas on this? I want to hook up my led's but I want to know that the car is right first.
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Try jumping the turn signal relay to see if brightness improves.
Thats a good Idea. Thanks! Do I have to remove the knee bolster to get at that? I am probably going to make a lot of people cringe but can you cut the knee bolster in half under the console so you can remove just the drivers side in the future? The thing is kinda a pain in the ass :rolleyes:
Hey. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Did you ever fixed the issue?
Seems not a lot of people are reading this lately. Either everybody is on vacation or this is more of a "cool new factory exhaust upgrade with 1.5 more HP and ipod install" kind of forum :rolleyes:

You could cut the knee panel. I know it's a PITA, but there will be a visible cut-line in the middle, or wherever else you cut it at. The middle will make sense because then you could just use a large fender washer on the bolt underneath ash tray to keep it together.

Do you have a Bentley manual for the car? Those are going for $30-40 on Amazon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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