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Black NG900 with full Viggen kit, wheels, lowered, exhaust in NH

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Spotted an extremely clean NG900 driving down I-89S near Bow, NH right before I-93. It appeared to be lowered quite a bit, had an exhaust, a complete viggen kit including the rear wing, clear corners, and some sort of wheels (appeared to be 18's).

I was going the opposite direction on I-89N in my 99 Viggen. I gave you a wave, but I don't think you were looking over. Not sure if it's anyone on here, but your car was super clean and sounded great! 8)
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teddys old car?
No. Teddy had a 9-3, and he removed the viggen kit (never had the spoiler either) and I know the kid who has it now.

This was an absolutely immaculate looking NG900 with the full kit.
might have seen the same car today on I89s driving through quechee and into nh. I got off in Lebanon and they kept going. NY plate said 27 psi and there were 2 people in it. I was going about 95 to catch up and they finally noticed me and waved I would have kept going but I was late for a date
Late for a date with WHO? lol
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