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BDM on eBay

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Is this a good deal? For some reason I thought they were more expensive than this.
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Looks about right. I paid umm... I dont remember, 40? for mine.
I paid 50 for 2 of them that were shipped from Europe..... MikeD has the other one, I haven't touched mine;(
The seller of that BDM is PaulH and Delorean who run epartsland. You can be very assured they are very reliable and some of the most knowledgeable Saab people I have ever met.
Hmmm...maybe I will start messing around with tuning after all. Thanks for the input guys!
Basically, they are on-par with the BDM's from delta-wave price wise (sometimes more or less, depending on the exchange rate that day) , but you will get them WAY faster from us, since we are a US seller. The way we make money off them and keep the price low is we order large batches of them (100+ at a time). so we save on the units as well as the initial shipping cost. It can literally take weeks for them to arrive from an international seller, with us you will have the interface in a few days.

And yeah, they are pretty darn cheap!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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