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Name: Anthony

Location - additional details: San Francisco

Means of contact: [email protected]

Price: $750 shipped to the CONUS, paypal you eat the fee.

Mileage (miles/kms): ?

Description: It has finally come time to part ways with my RKIIs, many of you may have seen me post about them before, but I'm finally making a for sale post since I need them gone.

Here's some FAQ:

Tires included? No

Is there clear coat on the lips? No
I'm in california where there isn't salt on the road and I go to car shows/meets often enough where I had planned to just polish the lips once a month or so..

How has the polish held up?
I purchased the wheels, sent them to get the lips polished, then never ran the wheels on my car since I ended up buying different wheels.

(Different wheels)

What are the condition of the faces?
I'd give them a 7-8/10. They're not perfect, but a hell of a lot better than most RKIIs, pictures show the little knicks here and there. If you're serious I can have them powder coated for you for $180.

Does it come with center caps?
Yes....I have 3 genuine BBS "carbon fiber" center caps (pretty rough shape, broken tabs), and 1 center cap which is a real BBS center cap base, but the metal sticker on top is fake. Its hard to explain. For all intents and purposes, they have 4 center caps, not great condition. but they work, and IMO are cooler than the standard saab ones (which BTW don't fit. only the BBS Saab center caps fit which are $30 are the BBS carbon fiber ones)

Why $750?!
Because they're RKIIs that aren't beat to ****, add in the fact that the lips are shiny and I had to pay to get that done, and that includes shipping via UPS, with each wheel in a box with padding. oh, and it has center caps.
Sounds like a lot but in reality its like $550 you'd be paying for the wheels, the rest is shipping

Pictures (embedded pics or links to external albums are mandatory):

I haven't gotten pics of the other two wheels, but I will for super serious buyers.

THIS LINK TO MY FLICKR HAS MORE PICTURES[email protected]/albums/72157655887982219/with/19790625710/

***The center cap in the flickr album is an example of the ones that come with the wheel. The ones coming with the wheel are not that clean. photos pending***

Feel free to ask any questions, here or email. Ask here if you think it will benefit others. Thanks for looking!

They were a good look while it lasted :)
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