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i suppose this would go in here

My car went in for inspection
it needed new brakes, no problem, wo i bring it in for new brakes, wait my day and go to pic it up
The E-Brake cable has so much slack in it, that i have NO resistance to pull it all the way up. it take another day to re-adjust the cable. I want to know who the guy was that parked my car with no E-Brake, because WTF? He did notice the fact that the lever did nothing???? i guess they made up for it, as they are delivering it to my house today. our saab service place is the local GM dealership. It just doesnt feel quite right to leave your Saab at a pontiac dealership to get serviced
I know none of you have ever driven with me, but with winter, the e-brake gets used tremendously. so haveing none=not good for brian

Just thought i would post this up

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