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bad mounts vs diff bushing vs ?

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it never ends.

after 4 different trips to the tire shop, and finally teaching them how to use their balancer, i think all 4 wheels are finally in spec.

the issue is now, on the highway in 5th gear (doesnt seem to happen in any other gear that i can tell) if im at say 60 or so mph and about 1500-2000 rpm's and give it gas i get a very ad shake in the steering wheel.

only under accel, not braking or cruising. first i get a chance ill check the mounts...i already have the gs engine mount, might just go ahead and order the trans mount.

any ideas?
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Sounds like a diff bushing/inner driver. Crawl under the car and grab the axle right after the boot and try and move the axle up and down.
yeah I had similar problems and I replaced my passenger side axle and it went away, its coming back now and I looked and that axle has play in it again, oh well I guess thats what I get for getting cheap axles. (35k out of that one)
I'm with fivepointnine. I had a similar issue on my 96 and two 'new' axles made it go away.
well i still have a weird feeling a tire is out of balance, but they have been redone for times now thanks to idiots not knowing how to use balancing machines.

i did however drive for a week or so with the 2 front wheels definitely out of balance which im assuming could have ruined something.

ill try and take a look at it today. where is everyone getting axles?
Get some used ones.
just checked over stuff.

-gs engine mount looks perfect
- trans mount looks freakishly good for 160k
-pass side axle is solid as a rock (grabbed inner driver and tried to move in every direction)
-drivers side axle very solid, tiny tiny bit of movement at the trans, but really not a lot.

i swapped the one wheel i would suspect as being out of balance to the rear to see if anything changes.

i did discover that i apparently have a leak from the front main area. timing cover and piece of subframe are caked in oil.

also yesterday noticed an odd metallic squeal on left turns coming from the right wheel area, happens for a second then goes away. went under there today and cant see anything all ball joints and tie rods are intact, etc.

im probably going to drive this car off a cliff.
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well i now think this is still a wheel balance issue.

after swapping the left rear to the front of the car, the tiny wobble between 40 and 50mph got worse, and the shudder on acceleration at 55-65mph was scary to the point where i stopped at a tire shop with a road force balancer since i was in the area.

had them balance the left rear since it felt like it was a rear no better. swapped the rear back to the front today and the scary judder is now not so scary but still there, and the 40-50mph issue is decreased again.

this is just getting nuts the entire set of wheels is going on its 3rd attempt at balancing i guess im gonna have to go back and have the other 3 road forced and never ever go near the two tire discounts in my town again, since one did it wrong and the second told me it was wrong and then apparently proceeded to get it wrong again.
well maybe a wheel is bent or one of the tires is out of round. Do you have an extra set of wheels and tires to try?
I did just get an axle from Goldwing (125 shipped) and it came with the inner driver. I had a minor wobble in the steering wheel with the old axle and it seems to have subsided (driver side axle).

Had this same issue on my '96, but it was totaled before I got it figured out.
well maybe a wheel is bent or one of the tires is out of round. Do you have an extra set of wheels and tires to try?
the wheels are 3 weeks old if one is bent ill kill someone. roadforcing them will show if any are bent anyway.

i have other wheels but its a pain with the adapters.

i would have thought it was an axle at this point if i couldnt manipulate it by switching wheels around.
shaking under acceleration is indicative of a worn CV joint...might be time to invest in the axle
mine did not have any noticible play in it (the axle) BUT after I replaced the axle on a hunch (from my vibration under acceleration went away, those inner drivers dont take much play or wear before they vibrate like crazy
if i can manipulate the severity of the shake/vibration by moving wheels to different corners it is way more likely the wheels.

going to get them roadforced tomorrow.
well of course...its not the wheels, although they were still not correct.

in the next day or two ill swap on other wheels.

also FYI, viggen axles are not available on any parts sites.
Get a used one!
well its a little tough to think a used axle with unknown miles will be any better, but i still have a tad more diagnosing to do before i throw any more money at this thing.
issue solved. nothing is wrong with the car.

apparently the wheel adapters are very sensitive to being over tightened. when i first put them on i muscled em pretty good out of safety.

took em off today, cleaned behind them and re torqued making sure to follow the star pattern and wobble is all gone.
the adapters? they are adaptec/fifteen52, my fronts are thin at only 15mm, so i may have just tightened one side more and warped it.

or there was something on the hub that a green scrubby took off.
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