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Bad day

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So I get up yesterday and go on a 8 mile army ruck march which I hate more than anything else in the army. I parked my car in a dirt parking lot across from where we started thinking I've parked here many times my car will be fine. Fast forward an hour and there a Sgt near my car which is now diagonal and I'm thinking I don't remember parking this diagonal. Well what happened was the guy was backing up a government licensed dodge ram 3500 series with flat bed and hit my bumper and proceeded to push my saab 2ft or so. You can see I circled the truck piece that hit my car which is essentially the frame. I was very surprised how well the bumper held up considering all the force and pressure was on my car and not his truck since he hit my car using his frame. So it looks like I will have to wait 14-21 days to get this sorted out since I have to make the claim through the government. Oh then later that I lost my under tray of my car on the highway probably caused by the bumper flexing and cracking it. Only good thing I can say about it is my bumper needed new paint anyways. So I want to get a different bumper for this car what does everyone suggest would be a good upgrade? I haven't gotten an adjustment yet but I assume it will be over 700. The first picture I circled the dirt that was pushed onto my tire from being moved. The second picture is damage, the third picture is the dirt line of how far my car moved, and the last picture is the part of the truck that pushed my car.

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Did you get permission to speak freely before you tore him a new one?
Well I wasn't really upset but was still like really? wtf. I mean this is my first accident claim ever so now I'm sure this will be on my record as a no fault right? Its just one of those weeks for me I guess. The sgt actually waited an hour for me to get back so I guess It was better than him leaving a note saying sorry or some shit.
Well - Aero bumpers are the same as non-Aero's - The only change on them is the lower lip/spoiler section. Perhaps you can get new factory fog lights out of it? Or one and you buy the other? lol Sucks - but at least it will get fixed. New paint is only as good as the person spraying it - locate a GOOD shop for the work to get it done right. Do not settle for used parts either - you pay for insurance for a reason.
Well see I don 't have full coverage which is just fine since well I didn't hit anyone hence why the government is going to pay for it. I will figure out what the adjuster will claim and go from there I guess.
I found a great paint and body shop by calling the local Mercedes Benz dealer and asking them where they send their body work. They take no shortcuts, so their prices are high, but if insurance (or good ol' Uncle Sam) is paying, what the heck!
Sounds good. I knew of a good shop in Seattle where my friend got some pieces painted for his rx8.
I found this maybe I can get the bumper off this parts car for cheap looks in good shape could get some other good things off it as well.
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