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B204 oil pump on b205

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I just got my 9-3 running after almost a year of sitting on stands and getting dragged from one house to another. Brief synopsis, I picked it up for $800 in excellent condition except for the motor dying from lubrication failure (here). I had several goals for getting the car running again one of which was to replace the b205 oil pump with the early b204 oil pump, the bigger one with a lot of teeth. The newer design is the same one used in all the b2x5s. This oil pump may not be the sole cause of the 9-3/9-5 lubrication failures, but changing it should be an improvement. The best way to do this is to use the b204 front cover.

In my rebuild thread I compared the b204/b205 covers. I really wasn't very thorough and missed a couple differences that make mounting the b204 cover in a t7 engine bay impossible - without modification ;)

Step 1) Find an early b204 cover
The b204 cover with the bigger oil pump and larger teeth can only be found on ng900s from 94 to mid 97. In mid 97 the b204s went to the smaller oil pump that can be found on the last of the b204s and all the b2x5s.


Step 2) Modification of the b204 cover
The bottom of the b204 cover has a small tab below the water pump bolt holes that the b205 cover does dot. This interferes with the passenger side motor mount bracket. The only way I was able to bolt up the bracket was to remove this tab with a Dremel tool. It should be much easier to cut this piece off before the cover was attached to the block.

Step 3) Making a bracket for the power steering pump
The piece of steel that I used is a nail plate from a hardware store. I think it was 3" x 9" and only cost a few dollars. It's galvanized which should help with rust. If I lived in a part of the country that salted the roads, I would definitely put something on the finished plate to stop rust.

Next I traced the bottom and side. With the bottom of the power steering pump bracket on the opposite side, I had to guesstimate where everything would line up. I left a large margin so I could go back and make some corrections if need be.

Using a cut off wheel I trimmed everything down and ground down the rough edges. Setting it in place I double checked to make sure there weren't any big overhangs. Especially off the front where it could tear up the belt.

Last step was bolt holes. There are lots of good ways to drill holes I would recommend drawing everything out. Mark the center of each hole using a metal punch. Drill out the holes, small bit then large bit. You can see that everything lined up pretty well in the end.

4) Assembly
Everything else on the b204 cover bolts up to the t7 engine. You can see that in the end the less than 1/32" of an inch doesn't warrant any change in belt length.

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