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Auto trans BS

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i have just gotten my first auto trans to diag, and need some basic help the car is a 1998 900s vert automatice, and i have a 97 tally automatice with a good working setup to pull parts from, just want some diagnostic help

it drive fine, but goes into LHM.
codes thrown are p0730, and p1624, ive heard it could be the PNRD321 switch? is there any way to diagnose it??

ive also heard an electrical malfunction, again im open to ideas

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Those autos are usually pretty bulletproof. I've replaced a bunch of the PNP switches, but only 1 tranny which had been run low on fluid and really abused. I don't have a sure fire test for the switch, but usually I find that if you start the car, warm it up then restart it, the problem clears up until it gets shut off and cools down. Do you get a "check trans" light on start up?
no, i get the check trans light after driving less than ten miles
brought in an 01 9-5 today with the exact same codes and this one's getting a new tranny. reset codes, drove about 15 miles flawlessly, then it started slipping and missing shifts
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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