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Auto to Manual Conversion - Worth It?

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Hey all,
I've got a 1989 c900 N/A autotragic. I've found a guy that will give me $1500 for it, and once I am rid of it I was planning on finding a c900 turbo five speed. The problem is that I haven't seen anything close to NY worth buying. My c900 is in pristine condition. I was considering keeping the car and finding a rebuilt manual gearbox, and doing the swap. Anyone think it's worth it, or should I just be more patient until a nice c900 turbo pops up somewhere?
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Truer words...

The price of gas is a factor however... a shipper may be less in the end... Meals and Red Bulls etc add up fast, in addition to all the gallons of 4.25$ gas to get home
A man after my own heart. If I ever do a road rally I'm getting you as a co-driver and red bull to sponsor us lol.

Anywho I'd wait for a turbo 5spd but thats just me.
I agree. I will probably try to pick up a turbo five speed in a few months when I can find a decent one, then perhaps later when I have some extra cash around I can play with changing the auto around a bit. Just makes more sense. Also the auto doesn't have any power windows/doors, or moonroof. It's a great car even if it's slow.....;)
I've found a late 80's turbo for $2k, so if I buy it I need to decide whether to sell the auto c900 for cheap, or use as a secondary while I tear the turbo apart. I was also considering keeping the auto and doing a manual swap only, as it should be relatively cheap and easier than going full turbo swap. Won't need to change the exhaust and all of the other stuff. Any thoughts guru's?
"Any thoughts?"

The more c900's the merrier. If you can swing keeping them both, you absolutely should. Not like you can just go down to the corner store and pick up another clean one on a whim.
A man after my own heart. If I ever do a road rally I'm getting you as a co-driver and red bull to sponsor us lol.

Anywho I'd wait for a turbo 5spd but thats just me.
LoL. A long time ago I sold the Portland Area NAPPI Distrbutor for Red Bull, a ski package. What ensued was a 3 year arrangement where I would pay bottom dollar for Red Bulls that were crushed dented etc in transit...

When Richard moved on from his job there was a hard period of adjustment... now I only drink the sugar-free and pay retail. Ouch.

When we rally I will spring for a case. Much cheaper that way. :)
True. I have to admit that I don't feel right about turning the auto into a turbo, mainly because it really is only a 900. I think making it manual is fair, and would rather have an authentic c900 turbo. I was asking around about these 'commemorative editions' that I have seen for sale. I've been told that they are not anything special. I'd like an SPG, but they are few and far between up here in NY.

@Nick Turbo: Do you know what the major performance differences are specifically between a regular turbo and an SPG? I imagine significant suspension changes and higher boost pressures yeah? Appreciate your insight very much.
If i remeber corectly, its
Tuned APC
Roll Bars (depending on year, like a normal 1992 saab has anti roll bars, SPG would have thicker onse)
Shocks and Springs, depends on the year as always,
and T3 turbo ( I think it changes between years)

But dont take my word on it, I think there several other things i missed, possible higher pressure fuel pump and so on.
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