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Anyone parting out and NG900 in/near Pittsburgh?

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Hey anyone or does anyone know someone parting out an NG900 in the Pittsburgh area? I desperately need to get my hands on some parts asap to get my car working again...any help would be appreciated, and if you're nearby I'd be happy to drive to you to pick up the stuff.

I'm looking for:

Front ABS sensor
Both Stanchion bolts
an Oil Pan Bolt
the Studs from where the turbo connects to the exhaust...

I think that's it...
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I've got an ABS sensor for a '95 (they are different from the later NG 900s). Includes the bracket. But I'd need to know which side.

You might need to get new studs for the exhaust. Not an easy thing to remove without breaking.
try some of the used part places in PGH, they are usually pretty reasonable
the Studs from where the turbo connects to the exhaust...
Might help to clarify.

Manifold - Turbo or Turbo - Downpipe?
Turbo ===>downpipe...I think. The flange has 3 studs total, it connects from the turbo to the pipe running to the cat.

Is there some local place that would have those? Like, could I swing by a Monroe and grab them or something...I don't know how 'standard' these are? they are rusted in and the one snapped in half while attempting to remove the nut...i hope i can get it out with vise grips...I will not be happy if I have to remove the whole turbo to drill it out...

The stanchion bolts and the oil pan bolt are specialty items apparently...both dealerships will take 10 days to order them in, which is ridiculous.
The studs are just metric 8mm x 1.25, pan bolts are the same. Both should be readily available at parts store. If you've got the pan bolts with the torx head you can replace them with any regular head bolts. Pull 1 out and bring it with you to match up length
as far as the studs go, check out eeuroparts, theyll have them at your front door withing 48 hours if you order ona weekday,,
and thats a part you dong want used.

im parting out a 97 ng900 and have all the ABS stuff, but im also in northern MA/southern NH

Does it matter that the pan bolts I pulled out had a snub nose with no threading? Should I be looking for these at an Auto parts store or just my general Home Depot type joint? Anyone have ideas on the Stanchion bolts? No one seems to have them anywhere on the internet, and everyone I ask about a used set say theirs are rusted to hell. No way I can wait 10 days for the dealer to order them in at $20 a bolt...Guess I'm going shopping this afternoon...I'm about to jump under the first 9-3 I see with my ratchet and do a little bolt shopping. :shock:
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