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anybody into guns?

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just curious to see if any of the members here have any collections

i have a couple nothing crazy, just a remington model 700 30-06 and a flite king 12 ga. shotgun.

i'm not a hunter, never will be but a little target practice is always a good time.
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All I have at the moment is a Ruger 10/22. Pretty sweet little gun with tons of mods. Maybe this winter I'll get a 12guage or a Mosin Nagant M44
I don't really have a collection but I do own a S&W model 66 .357 magnum revolver and a Remington model 870 riot shotgun if that counts.
that's cool, i'm thinking about starting a collection, may be worth something later on down the line. i know a guy with an old lever action .308 that i might buy. I always wanted a lever action rifle
I used to have lots...

Ruger 10/22 with stainless match barrell
Norinco Coach Gun (double barrel shotgun)
Winchester 1300 defender pump shotgun
SKS with 30 round mag
Makarov pistol (awesome, should never had sold it)

Now all I have is a Norinco 1911 .45.

Shooting is fun.
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long barrel 38
berreta 40
Kimber Tactical Pro II .45

Haven't been shooting in about 6 months though.
I've got one. ;)
It's been a while since my last purchase -

S&W Model 39 (1970)

S&W 4" Model 19 (1972)

S&W 6" Model 57 (1975)

Maybe it's time to pick up a new one ..........
me i have my grandpas modle 12 winchester (shotgun)
but i shoot with my buddie who has
S&W 357 7 shot revolver
ruger P94 40 and .45 ( this one bluwe up in my hand :( )
a/sk's W Big ass mags!!!
ruger 10/22
7mm rifel
ppk (9mm
highpoint 9mm and .380
manny others fun stuff
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honestly i didn't think this many members enjoyed the hobby.
i went out yesterday and picked up some ammo, 100 shells for the shot gun and 40 rounds for the 30-06 i may go out down to the creek bed behind my house within the next couple of weeks and shoot up some stuff
It's fun to go out in the wooded part of my property (it's bordered by 160 acres of state-protected wetlands) and target shoot in a clearing I made a few years ago. The only problem is that the ammo goes too fast. lol
yeah, the ammo does go fast. i like to make things interesting the last couple of times i've gone shooting i took a couple 1 liter bottles and filled them up with baking soda and vinegar, shake it up so the bottle starts to expand and then shoot it. lol it's kind of juvenile but i always get a kick out of seeing the thing explode and the bottle flying up in the air.

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LOL I'll have to try that one!
WWII enfield in .303
vintage Winchester .30-30
Old WWII training rifle .22
Nazi Mauser Pistol
Springfield Tactical 1911 .45
Benelli 12
Vintage single shot 12
Stoeger side by side 20 gauge

norinco paratrooper sks
bushmaster ar-15


looking to buy and H&K G3 and a Walter p99

shooting fun is fun. I have a Curio Relic license which allows me to have anything older than 50 years or surplus weapons for dirt cheap and have them sent directly to the house
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A brown person with a gun doesnt look too good, case in point

this is me,

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the m4 i'm building is a 14.5 inch free floated barrel with a flash hider to make it just over 16 inches. Collapsable mtr stock railed hand guards and the whole 9 yards. Mind you I'm not a right wing world is going to end and i need weapons kinda guy i just like guns and how they work
A brown person with a gun doesnt look too good, case in point

this is me,

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