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Almost no power steering

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I'm trying to diagnose the shitty power steering in my NG900. The reservoir is full. I get some minor squealing that I think is coming from the pump on cold starts, but after a few minutes that goes away.

My understanding is that the check valve issue only applies to the 99 9-3, and not my car. Is that correct? What other stuff should I check?
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How old is the fluid? Fluid Level? Type of Fluid?

If the fluid is old (original) I would reccoment sucking out the resvoir - installed new fluid and cycling the rack and repeating until the fluid looks like new. You should NOT end up with foaming or bubles - if you are getting this let the system sit and settle and re-check. You may have a pump going bad or a rack by-passing issues.

I don't know where i read this but iirc some one said the hoses after a while start to deteriorate from the inside? Could just be a piece of rubber slowing the fluid down. Again i can't remember where i read it but i guess it sounds plausible
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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