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Alloys with Tires for c900

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Girlfriend just bought a 1992 c900 convertible in nice shape, but it needs tires.

I am looking for a nice set of SPG, aeros or slicers for her car. They need to have decent tires on them, I would rather them be matching.

Price: $100-$250 unless there is an awesome exception.

Show me what you have.

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Saw quite a few sets on NH CL
Yeah I saw those, just looking for something a little closer.
Pics of car/gf/jewfro
Pics of car/gf/jewfro
Well, here is the car:
(I should make a crazy project thread with examples of how to clean wheels!!1!)

That's Mike D in the background.

As for the pictures of the gf, just point your browser to

Also, I do not have a jew fro. I am not Seth Rogan.
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If you know of a good set of Aero/super aeros/exposed lug aeros/any other cool wheels for my SPG, I'd trade you/sell you my SPG wheels.
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