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alarm problem

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so last night i got some stuff out of my 9k. unlocked the doors opened the trunk and relocked everything. this morning i cannot unlock the car with either fobs. i opened it with the key but the the alarm goes off if i try to start it and kills the starter. i searched here and did what i i read, i have tried pushing the fob button 5 times, locking and unlocking a few times with the key. all the doors and hatch lock and unlock with the key btw. the light on the speaker grill is off as well. ill try new batteries nut i find it hard to believe that both died at the same time. any ideas. its a 98 CSE
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I had this same problem two nights ago installing my new fan. I pulled the battery for about 10 seconds and put it back on and the alarm started going off. I had to jiggle my key in the door a few times before anything happened.
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