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Hey all! Wonderiin if anyone over here has put air ride on their classic! Ive seen pics of them lowered on airride but I've never seen the dirty bits and technical parts so if anyone has some shots or good info Id love to see them!

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IJ told me he was working on a coilover setup....I am holding out on my spg's shot suspension just to wait and see what he comes up with!
i think this was brought up not to long ago in another thread?

let me see if i can find it
Brain Kidder aka greyspg is the one to talk to.
Im talkin to grayspg on central but hes been kinda quiet and it cant hurt to see if anyone else has insight on it!
sorry i dont go on these forums as much as i should. it would be about a 1200 for everything. maybe 1200 depending on the tank/compressor. i just dont have the time to do it. i would take longer than two weeks. if i were to work on it everynight.
No worries! im not in any rush :p so does that mean you would have to do the custom work? You couldnt just make adapters ans send them to me?
well i dont have my resources setup yet. can you weld and have common sense? cause i can just tell you how to do it over the phone lol. its just time consuming.. and i dont want to rip apart my car to mock it up for yours.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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