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Aero Spring Code Referance Thread - Add Your Codes

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I thought this would help others aside from myself - I have been trying to get a set of Aero springs NEW for our 2001 9-5 Wagon (linear) for awhile now - but needed the suspension code from an Aero wagon. I finally tracked down a set of codes from a 2001 Auto Aero Wagon and priced out the springs. If you own an AERO of any body/year please add to this list for future upgrades others may which to perform.

2001 Automatic 9-5 Aero Wagon
CL - DG - H - G - L - 9

CL = Front Springs - PN = 5062351
DG = Rear Springs - PN = 5062435

CL = $73.80 LIST EACH
DG = $87.13 LIST EACH


2000-2001 Front Spring CODE CK 5062344
2002-2005 Front Spring CODE GA 5234562
2002-2005 Front Spring CODE GB 5234570
2002-2005 Front Spring CODE GC 5234588
2002-2005 Front Spring CODE GD 5234802

2000-2001 Rear Spring 4D Code DE 5062419
2000-2001 Rear Spring 5D CODE DG 5062435
2002-2005 Rear Spring 5D Code EE 12755245
2006-2010 Rear Spring 4D CODE FC White/Blue 12760115
2006-2010 Rear Spring 4D CODE FD Red/Orange 12760116
2006-2010 Rear Spring 5D CODE FG Orange/Blue 12760117
2006-2010 Rear Spring 5D CODE FH Tan/White 12760118
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I was just looking for these codes.

I am doing the same suspension work to our previoiusly LPT wagon after a stage III upgrade.

Let us know how yours turned out.

Thanks again for the helpful post.

Spring Codes

I have a 2001 95 LPT Wagon with 5sp manual.

code on plate under engine hood listed under vin is:


Spring code I believe is CP-DS.
My '02 Aero Sportwagon with automatic is GB EE front & rear-
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