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ACC doors and direction of air?

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ninety nine viggen the acc doors when trying to change to defroster vents or floor doesnt change to the direction desired what can this be? the motor itself a type of drum? what is the common problem with this?
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theres a weird grease that causes the door to stick.

there were a few service bulletins and methods of placing screws in certain places to pull the outer sides of the box away from the flap giving it more freedom to move. i dont believe either of them are perfect tho, and they are quite a pain to perform.
hmmm so what should i do.. or what have you done.. i am looking to buy this car and this will be the first problem i fix on it... how in depth is it?
i left it alone once it was blowing in my face. when using heat it doesnt stick as bad
lol welll im going to need to use the defroster and the car only blows hot air anyways...idk i am looking to buy this car and i want to have the system 2000 9-3 never had the problem but i never used the acc system as i love to drive with the windows down..and only used heat in the winter.. sooo where can i find this service bulletin?
i have a similar problem with my 9-5 but unfortunately, nobody here seems to be able to help. Try saabcentral, that's what i'm doing.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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