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...and a bigger intercooler. With the extra space i freed up more room which i will use for a much larger intercooler i got off a 86 9000. And on top of that it subtracted a couple pounds.

The only problem i am encountering right now is the mounting brackets that hold the bumber in place, they are in the way of the intercooler because of its big bottom that fans out. So, i guess i will cut what i can to avoid cutting the bumper brackets.

But with the bumper off i took her for a test drive and with more air reaching the stock intercooler, i was able to hit a constant 15 psi, from the former peek of 14 psi and fallin back down. i can't wait to take it for a spin with the larger intercooler on.

Well, thats my update for now. I will post more pictures when i get the intercooler on, so hopfully i will have it on soon once i get a hold of a cutting torch. And a possible bigger turbo(TE05) might come into my possession which will be interesting, hopfully i wont have to rebuild it, i don't have the funds :( And yes, that is a 1975 99LE in the back ground ;)
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