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Ac refrigerant question

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I really can't believe people would spend more on this iPad than I did on my car... That being said would a 1995 9k aero have r12 or 134 refrigerant in it? Would it say on the compressor or in the manual somewhere? If anyone could help me out I would greately appreciate it!
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I have a 94 9K aero used R-134A. The 95 CSEs use the same. There are green stickers on the fenders that would say what it takes. You also can look at the hi and low pressure valves on the compressor, they are blue/red or larger then the r-12 ones.
It is R-134A, the charge port is on the back of the compressor.

How much did you spend on yours? Cheapest Aero to date is one of my co-workers at the shop, paid $200 for a blue '93 Aero missing a turbo and with a shot clutch but otherwise complete, we just got it back together and running today.

He paid $200 for it.

Quick video

I paid $900 for my nearly showroom white '93, also with a completely toasted clutch, although William's wheels are in better shape than mine!

Yeah figured out when I got home and looked at the hoses. Thanks guys! And I paid 600 for a car I couldnt turn off or hit boost since the actuator rod wasnt attached and sounded like a jet engine cause there was a hole in the top of the downpipe among a thousand other things and have had to put bout 4ish into it for water pump, and head gasket among alot of other knick nacks..
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