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ac compressor 1995 9k aero

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Does anybody know if the compressor pictured below (from a 1992 9k?) will work on a 1995 9K aero?
Thank you.

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Not 100% sure, but the the part numbers for each are different. Although I do not know what exact about them differs.
i think something with the mounting differes.

i have a compressor from i believe a 95 in my basement...
Thank you both. I'm away from home right now and saw the compressor at a wrecking yard and wondered about picking it up for my 95. I guess I'll wait to double check what's on the aero.
I may have one for you if they total my aero.
A Sanden SD709 is a compressor that uses R-12 refrigerant and mineral oil for lubrication. (R-12 has been discontinued for many years now. It is still available, but very expensive.)

The Sanden compressor used on later model 9000's (starting in late 1992) is a SD7H15. This compressor uses R134a refrigerant and PAG oil.

There is a difference in displacement between the compressors. They are both 7 cylinders, but the SD709 is 90cc, and the SD7H15 is 150cc.

The mounting brackets are also different. The SD7H15 mounts with 3 bolts longitudinally, while the 709 mounts with 2 bolts (I believe) laterally.

The hose connections are different between the two compressors.

And lastly, the SD709 uses a V-belt for drive, while the SD7H15 used a multi-groove belt.

Correction - the V-belt was only on the 2.0 engine. The 2.3 switched to the multi-groove belt.

So the SD709 will not work on your 95.

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Hey Michael, thank you so much for your detailed response! That was very helpful. I guess the car I saw must be an early 92. Too bad.

drewz airflow se I'm so sorry about your aero. Hope it all works out for you.
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