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ABS Warning - Now cannot start car

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I have a 1997 900S (love it!). Today on my way home, the warning light and ABS light came on. I got it in the garage, turned it off, and now it will not start. I would really appreciate any help before I get it towed. Thank you!
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abs light doesn't have to do with the engine/start. What other lights other than the triangle?
I just went out and tried to start it. It is making the weak battery noise sound (won't turn over at all) and a clicking (starter?). Originally it was the triangle and the ABS light when I was on the road.
Sounds like the battery is dead then. Try jumping it or charging the battery.

If the battery is good, you may have a bad alternator so the battery may not be charging.
Thank you both.
I will try to jump it, but why would the warning light and ABS light come on when it was moving? That would not be the battery or the alternator, would it?

Sorry to be dense. I really love this car and have had it serviced regularly since it was new, but I know very little about the inner workings. I appreciate any help, particularly in trying to not get ripped off.
Odd Electrical gremlins can start when voltage gets low or there are bad grounds.

Were any other lights on? Where was the temp gauge? how did power steering feel? Have you checked the serpentine belt? Hear any odd noises that coincided with the lights?

Low voltage while running could mean bad alternator.
A warning bell was going off periodically when I was driving home (making me nuts). No other lights on when I was driving. Most lights on now when I turn the key. Temp was OK. Steering was fine.
check and see if you get a battery light with key on, engine off. I'm willing to bet you've got a bad alternator. ABS uses a lot of power, so it's the first system to go out when the car is "discharging"
Yes, battery light is on when I turn key w/engine off.
Sigh...How much should this run me?
of course the battery light is on when the car is not started. The alternator is not doing anything then.

Is the light on when the car is running?
It was not on when I was driving. It will not start now for me to check.
of course the battery light is on when the car is not started. The alternator is not doing anything then.

bad diodes in the alternator will make it have no battery light with key on engine off
I just wanted to check back in thank you all for your help. According to the mechanic, I need a new battery and alternator. I was expecting that after the comments here. Thank you for helping a newbie on your site!
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