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Abs removal

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I just realised today my abs isnt working and hasnt for ages. The abs check light never illuminates .Im considering removing the system if I can get a certification for the modification. Has anyone done this? By the way its a non tcs car 5speed aero 1994.
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It's already 'removed'. As in when the ABS stops working, for whatever reason it does NOT affect the regular braking system function. Only the anti lock part is 'out'.
So you actually need do nothing at all.
drove 500 ks today with the front rightsensor undone and yes no difference at all. Well Id better be testing the old near side sensor I suppose and put that light back in the dash! Got to have it for warrent of fitness.
Now this is what I call a performance modification :D
what prey tell is "warrent of fitness" ? lol

ABS faults are usually sensors... If your light never came on I'd suspect a bad bulb...
why take it out?
I have various ABS parts available to fix it, i.e. ECU, ABS unit, etc. They're from a non TCS '95.
Its only the sensor . What a relief. A warrent of fitness (wof) every 6 months in New Zealand. I dont think the Abs could be removed anyway as the proportioning valve is under the pump. ?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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