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I just replaced my shift knob using Kyle's instructions..., with exception to cuting the top of the shaft. The kit came with a shift knob that has a barrel nut to keep the top of the boot up, and set-screws. If it's what I did:

1) I pulled off the SAAB shift knob and the plastic shaft cover,

2) Put the barrel nut on the shaft under the boot

3) then the new knob on top.

4) Installed the set screws to hold the knob in place

5) Pulled the bottom of the boot with console clip up, to screw the barrell nut onto the shifter knob, making sure to catch the top of the boot between the top of the barrel nut and the bottom of the shift knob

6) Put the bottom of the boot down, and pressed it into the console to clip into place.

7) Test to ensure the boot doesn't come off during shifting... adjust the boot, or cut the top of shaft shorter, as needed.

Works pretty good, and actually found a way to use the original boot by changing the location of the lock ring inside the top of the boot.

good luck..

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