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Yes, the rumorz is true.

abdukted haz convertible project!

I am going to pick it up tomorrow. I will update this thread with pics after I bring her home, and also project progress.

the details:

1990 900 turbo convertible
5 speed
cirrus white, black top, burgundy interior
156K miles

My wife has already named her "Jacqueline Bouvier."

items to do:
  • inspection
  • get Bentley manual
  • smoked blinkers
  • black and chrome badges
  • add missing valve stem covers
  • get tonneau cover
  • clean seats
  • clean windshiled (scrape crusted on old stickers)
  • install radio
  • attach turn signal stalk
  • odometer (working again for now)
  • fix interior light on rearview mirror
  • pull radar detector from dash
  • pull ancient radar detector senders and wiring to fusebox
  • pull detector wiring from trunk/rear sender
  • gas gauge (SENDER in trunk subfloor needed)
  • fix heat switch
  • por-15 trunk lid
  • sand and por-15, then paint rusty license plate mount
  • take off bumper
  • por15 front end and tow eyes
  • replace headlight switch
  • get fog lights
  • get fog light grilles
  • get fog light grommets/and wiring
  • get fog light bulbs
  • por-15 fog light brackets
  • make smaller "collar" peice for foglight install
  • install fog lights
  • replace dist. cap/rotor
  • new plug wires
  • fresh plugs
  • replace door lock cyl (DRIVER)
  • door lock U-clip
  • replace door lock cyl, (PASSENGER)
  • replace door lock cyl, (TRUNK)
  • trunk latch (lubricate)
  • adjust trunk latch mechanism
  • replace lock cyl, (IGNITION)
  • new keys made
  • scrape trunk rust/coating
  • pull back seat
  • pull floor rusters
  • black chrome turbo plate frame _R
  • black chrome turbo plate frame _F
  • vacuum carpeting
  • check fluid level in top motor
  • bleed top motor
  • check for fluid leaks at reservoir, lines, valve or fittings (fluid found in trunk)
  • get car cover
  • coat trunk floor with POR-15
  • topcoat license plate bracket
  • topcoat (prime/paint) POR-15 in trunk
  • replace reverse lamp (front pass)
  • third brake light (leftmost bulb out)
  • reupholster front and rear door cards inserts where zebra print is
  • new glovebox door
  • rear ashtray or back piece to center console needed
  • check heat switch operation
  • PS fluid top-up
  • clean back seat area
  • por-15 back seat area
  • install rock-guard film for foglights
  • make gaskets for trunk lights
  • trunk/license plate lights out
  • get floorpans welded
  • scrape coating off back seat floors
  • wirewheel/sand and clean floors
  • rusty mirror on passenger sunshade
  • POR-15 welds/floors top
  • por-15 back seat floors
  • Seam seal welds top
  • stain treat carpet
  • shampoo carpeting
  • stain treat floor mats
  • shampoo floor mats
  • carpet dye
  • dye floormats
  • get plastic tar barrier
  • reinstall carpet
  • replace 1990 front seat belts (female)
  • POR-15 seat mounts
  • fix hole in drivers seat
  • repair cracks in seats
  • re-dye front seats
  • re-dye rear seats
  • re-dye leather on door cards
  • dash light adjustment cap missing
  • drivers side power mirror (switch or motor?)
  • replace window switch pack
  • get curbing on one wheel repaired/welded
  • paint aero wheels
  • new tires
  • fix door pocket on driver's side
  • scotch guard/treat car cover
  • replace front pass turn signal (busted tab)
  • "unleaded fuel only" dash thing missing
  • Fix headlight
  • Fix interior light switch
  • POR-15 welds bottom
  • POR-15 frame rail spot underneath
  • straighten jack points
  • POR-15 jack points
  • get screws for steering wheel trim
  • install new steering wheel trim
  • get headlight screws
  • replace dash light rheostat cap
  • install cassette holder
  • alignment
  • get spg weatherstripping
  • get chrome trim for spg panels?
  • get spg panel clip
  • undercoat bottom floors/welds
  • doors/ por-15
  • misc por-15 spots
  • topcoat doors
  • get spg panel grommets
  • replace front lip spoiler
  • get rubber mat / cut missing SPG flaps
  • paint/install spg kit and arches
  • paint bumpers
  • CV boots
  • install spg springs
  • airbag detonators (replace)
  • SRS light --> left detonator bad
  • rear main seal
  • gas tank straps
  • clutch
  • slave cyl
  • brake hoses
  • serp/ belts
  • PS fluid leak
  • check seam under trunk floor and seal if needed
  • finish trunk POR-15
  • POR-15 underside of trunk
  • gas gauge still bouncing
  • get bolt for window glass adjustment (right front)
  • get bolt for rear seat back (bottom)
  • get bolt for rear seat back (top)
  • fix/flip rear seat belts
  • adjust window glass
  • adjust e-brake
  • fix washer nozzle left
  • adjust top (tighten front-leak at front)
  • replace coolant
  • service trans fluid
  • replace shifter
  • replace vacuum lines
  • replace intake manifold grommets/bushes
  • replace window sweeps
  • reinforce patch on feature strip
  • tailights don't match? (one side looks darker on reverse light section)
  • dash lighting
  • antenna doesn't go all the way down
  • rear top curtain/feature strip possible replacement sometime
  • weather stripping for windows, windshield, doors?
  • ABS light?
Some pics from the seller:


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Looks like a great project. Odd how the seats seemed to change color, eh? I hope you can get them back to original, because burgundy is a nice unique color.

An spg kit will look great on this car too.

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Well done. That should clean up real nice!

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supposedly the seats don't look as discolored in person.

I already was shown a nice leather kit that should get those looking decent though.

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thanks everyone. Yes, I was amazed at how clean, like the engine is and the body. The seller said it's dirty and will clean up well. I thought that was a good sign because it looks pretty good dirty!

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My old cirrus white 900S convertible had an SPG kit painted to match... looked hot.


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isn't that the "colorado red" interior? thats pretty rare, IIRC

looks like a nice car for you 'ducted, should be a fun summer car

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yep colorado red. 1 or two years only in this color combo I was told.

fender blinkers are first :lol:

I also plan soon, to change the oil, do a tune up, replace vac lines. You know, preventative/tune up stuff

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Nice find Dan, that thing looks beautiful!
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