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a transmission thought (for high hp)

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so after a 4 year foray into hondas, i have come back to saabs with some interesting ideas.

in my eyes aside from whatever nick t does to strengthen the gearbox, there are two fundamental issues.

the differential - which can be fixed with a quaife

flex and movement - under high power things move around, and you wind up with changes in contact between gear surfaces, leading to ultimate destruction, stripped gears blah blah blah.

in the honda world once you reach the 5-600whp realm, you start to have issues with this.

there are two options, for the all out guys, billet bell housings are available to hold the main and countershaft together under stress.

for the budget guys there is the $200 piece available from liberty gears.

the one downside to this cuff is it replaces 5th gear, but the improvement and stability is great, and has proven to keep gears from untimely deaths, and also decreases case flex.

now this is something that should not be too difficult or expensive to produce in my opinion. obviously it wouldnt be 200 like for hondas, but i think it could be produced in the 500 range (of course i have no real idea). i think the hardest/most expensive part would be getting a proper bearing.

our transmissions are geared so long that losing 5th gear if you were serious about power wouldnt be all to horrible.

Nick - i think this wouldnt be too difficult for you to design?


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I know this idea has been kicked around a few times. I have been involved with a few conversations about c900 transmissions where something like you posted has been mentioned.
well im speaking in terms of 900's/9-3's really, a c900 is a whole nother beast for me.
The new 6 speed addresses some of these issues, I hope this will fix the problem for me, should actually have two of them in the next month or so,

as far as i know, the only thing the quiafe gearset addresses is having a harder material, maybe better spacing?

the problem is it is still at the mercy of the casing flex. didnt Ylee over on central blow one up? (i havent heard from him in ages so im not sure)

the other fact is, a $5k price tag for a new gearset thats not even a dogbox is nuts for 99% of people. for some budget racer, $600 to $1000 for a handcuff and install would win in that situation...
The new 6 speed addresses some of these issues, .....
How will it do that? I was under the impression there weren't any modifications to the case, it was only shaft assemblies with bearings, and the bits to make the shift linkage work?

it doesnt
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