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A question for Scangauge II users

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I got a Scangauge II last week and have plugged it into my 2002 9-3. It still reads "Not Ready".

My ECU is a Nordic Stage 3 and I remember reading that sometimes upgraded ECUs can cause problems with OBDII readers.

Is anyone out there using a Scangauge II successfully with an upgrade ECU?

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I wouldn't worry about that at all. Just to be clear: the scangauge still works otherwise, doesn't it?

If I put mine in OBDII mode, it will say (and has always said) 'not ready'. But the realtime telemetry works just fine.

If I remember correctly, the ready/not ready thing is just a quick notification that suggests whether the car is ready to pass smog / inspection / whatever. But my car, even though it's 'not ready', passes with flying colors. That message can pretty much be disregarded.
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