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Next week I'm finally swapping engines in my car and after the heat wave this week I'm thinking about finally owning a car with A/C.

The compressor works fine, system blows well but warm air of course. I'd prefer to fix the cause of the leak then to keep refilling the lines.

I figure it is cheaper for me to replace all the o-rings and common failure points than it is to take it to a mechanic and have repeat visits to chase down all the leaks.

The three common parts I hear to replace are the:
  • 3* 4230462 Reciever Drier CRP $44.90
  • 6* 5045166 Expansion Valve TGK $52.90
  • 35* 4367991 Schrader Valve Genuine Saab $5.54
plus the o-rings and maybe dye.

Is this the right idea? And/or are there other common parts to replace?
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