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A/C Quickie help?

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So my ac isn't/doesn't work. Its like 100+ here everyday. I recharged the system to the correct amount. I can Turn on the compressor/AC and it comes on, and in the sight glass in the dryer, I can see the ac stuff shooting by. So its pressurizing. It held the correct AC amount for 3 days so no leaks. When I put on the AC inside, and its on "LO" full blast it comes out like a fan ambient temp, if I put on the heater, it works WELL! So do you think it could be the AC Expansion Valve is stuck, or something else?

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Do you have any AC Gauges?
I do for the low side and the pressure is perfect on that side (now that I recharged it) I dont have a high side gauge. its like 50.00 at Harbor Freight for the checker gauge set
Recalibrate your ACC. Maybe its messed up.

Your a/c probably works. I'm thinking the temp control motor or flap isn't moving all the way so your a/c is running with the heat on.

You could pinch your heater hoses closed and see if it get cold or colder.

Just guessing here. But it seems like it should be working.
I ordered a 4 seasons Expansion Valve from AutoZone, about 15 min of install later and a recharge with oil and freon. It works perfect. I think just the old one got stuck closed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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