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99 9-3 SE HOT Gauge Pod info

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I thought this was interesting so I'd thought pass it on.

I own a 99 9-3 SE HOT and wanted a gauge pod so I ordered Realcar pod for a 99 9-3 from GS part #SA900501231. It arrived and I installed it but something wasnt quite right, check the picture below:

After a while I couldnt stand looking at it any more, I called GS back and they told me to send it in. So my gauge rolls around my dash for a week or two then a new pod arrives but its for a 00-02 9-3, part # SA900501558.

(insert picture here)

As you can see from the picture...:rolleyes: It fits like a charm!! So it seems that I have a 1999 9-3 with a 2000 body or A-pillars at least. I wonder if there are any other 2000 model year changes that the late 1999s inherited...
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My bottom doesn't match quite so perfectly but what I did was make it flush with the rest of the pillar. I put the backside of the trim all the way up matching the slope of the pillar and it was all perfect other then the bottom being slightly off. I'll grab a pic in a second.

I'm guessing you put the bottom of yours flush with how it would sit on the dash then screwed in right?
Pictures as promised from mine.

If I had done what I think you did then mine would have been off like yours are.
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By the "bottom" I'm assuming you mean the corner wedged between the windshield & dash, right??

I got that as close as I could with the new pod I received.

I think everything will make a bit more sense when I post my other pic.

The moral of the story is;

1999 model year car, 2000 model year body, therefore some 1999 model year parts might not fit.
Yup. Right where you can still some of my a-pillar trim in the front corner. In the very far front corner the pod sticks out away from the pillar by a small amount but had I mounted by making the bottome flush it would have been off like yours but by more since mine is a double pod.
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